Erin Corley Business Development & Recruiting Manager

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Erin Corley, Business Development & Recruiting Manager

Erin Corley is a Business Development & Recruiting Manager for Accountability Resources and joined the team in February 2018. She is a tenured, dedicated and motivated professional with a diverse background in Financial Administration, Endowment Accounting, Budgeting, Portfolio Management, Research & Analysis, Internal Controls, Operational Diligence, Business Communications, Process Improvement, Human Resources and Business Support Services. Erin has had years of successful experience consulting on multifaceted projects, streamlining internal operations and fostering positive relationships with a wide range of clients and business partners. She has a solid reputation for resolving complex issues and consistently recognized for outstanding contributions to the bottom line.

Erin is an active member at her church and in the Junior League of Austin. She has a B.B.A. degree in Marketing and Economics and an M.B.A. with a focus in Accounting. In her spare time she enjoys live music, crafting, spending time in the hill country and quality time with her husband, two daughters and their fur-baby.

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