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Here is what others have had to say about Accountability Resources’ accounting, technology placement, and financial recruiting services.

Client Testimonials

  • “I have had the pleasure of working with Nicole as a client of her at Accountability Resources, she is one of the most enthusiastic and determined recruiters i have worked with. She took time to understand my profile and needs and matched me with the right employers. There was not a single case where there was a skill mismatch she was perfect in her presentation of my profile and i highly recommend working with Nicole. Another great trait of hers that amazes me is she is always on top of things and making sure the communication is always there between her and the client. I absolutely enjoy working with her.”

    Gurpreet Khasriya, Analyst

  • My experience with Accountability Resources and their staff has been extremely positive. They helped me manage my work history and experience into a more dynamic and effective arrangement. My recruiter gave me all the information and tools to navigate successfully through interviews. My recruiter gave me encouragement the whole way through, helping me stay positive and celebrated my successes right along with me. All in all, I’ve had a very meaningful and successful experience with Accountability Resources and highly recommend them to friends and colleagues. I have now been at my dream company for almost 6 months and couldn't be happier.

    Joy Harris

  • Thank you very much! And thank you for the cookies. I made myself sick twice eating too many. I really appreciate this placement, this position is very interesting and I am learning a lot which is perfect. It is funny looking back; when we first spoke I told you I was looking for a staff accountant position with a high tech manufacturer and Boom! Three days later you called with exactly that, now here I am like it was meant to be. I hope all is well and wish you luck in all you do.

    Sam Ely, Staff Accountant

  • Working with Accountability Resources is always a great experience. Whether I’m looking for a full-time employee, or a short-term contractor, they consistently deliver highly qualified candidates within our target career level and salary range. In addition, the team has proven to be reliable, responsive and adept at coordinating recruiting efforts to source multiple specialists on short notice.

    Sam Marshall, Director Tocquingy, Austin, Texas

  • Accountability Resources is a pleasure to work with and an ace at matching talent with skill sets and experience levels desired by clients. They make a point of understanding our specific needs, as well as, getting to know our corporate culture to ensure the best match possible for all involved. The level of communication and follow-up are highly appreciated!

    Accounting Manager, Healthcare Company

  • I was very impressed with the way Accountability Resources listened to my description of who I was looking for and provided me with three excellent candidates. It was clear that they did their homework and did not simply throw resumes my way. Also, they were willing to work with me regarding fees and help devise a payment plan that worked well for my company.

    Todd Newberry

  • Laurie is rock star fantastic. She knows accounting, finance and tax so she knows what you are talking about when you say I need a Controller, financial analyst, tax professional, etc. She has great maturity and is just a real pleasure to work with, but the best thing about Laurie is she "gets it" She understands how companies and accounting/finance departments work and she knows what a start up needs vs. a mid-size company vs. a large public company. she reads people and situations very, very well. I give Laurie my highest recommendation. Hire her!

    Brad Wolfe, CFO, Sante Venture

  • I wanted to thank everyone at Accountability Resources for getting me the job at 4 Hands. I will use your company again if the need ever arises.

    Patty McMahon

  • Having worked with Laurie her credentials absolutely support her standing in the industry: an outstanding resource with deep industry knowledge, who represents her firm with integrity and professionalism. I highly recommend her to potential candidates and businesses seeking recruiting expertise in the disciplines of finance and accounting.

    Corporate Controller, Austin Technology

  • I've been without employment since October of 2008. I have been registered with every finance and accounting recruiting firm in Austin and am on every job board announcement possible. Not a single other recruiting agency has scored me an interview, and with the help of job alerts had only found 5 interviews for myself, to no avail. Accountability Resources went gone above and beyond, finding me not just one, but two employment opportunities! I felt like they really had my best interests at heart as they searched for a job for me.

    Stacey Allbritton

  • I wanted to pass along how impressed I have been with John. The position he was working on has been open for over 9 months. The manager just couldn’t seem to get comfortable with any of the candidates that were being presented. John did the research and worked it. He presented one candidate. We interviewed him and loved him. We are moving to the offer stage. We are very excited about how this process went. Thank you for your continued excellent service.

    Senior Director, Accounting Dallas Retail Company

  • Accountability Resources has never pressured me or tried to force candidates on me unlike other recruiters I have worked with in the past. While at the same time they do an excellent job of keeping me updated on current candidates and staying in touch. Accountability Resources is one of only a handful of recruiters that I would call if I needed to fill a position.

    Accounting Manager, Austin Publicly Traded Co.

  • Laurie is a valuable resource on the Austin accounting market and is always willing to help with requests, even if not directly related to one of her candidates. She has a tremendous amount of energy and really seems to love what she does. She is always a pleasure to work with and works very hard for her clients and her candidates.

    Accounting Manager, Austin Publicly Traded Co.

  • Laurie helped place me in my current position. She was open and honest about all aspects of the position with me and the company she was trying to place me in. I was pregnant during the interview process and she helped the transition to the new position work out seamlessly, even though it was a little atypical. She was very astute and knowledgeable in helping me negotiate a salary and excellent at following up with me to make sure I was happy in the position.

    Roberta Gentile, Production and Procurement Stubbs Legendary Kitchen

  • I am happy to state that you were the most helpful recruiter I have ever worked with. You presented opportunities that I didn't even know were out there. Beyond being a resource to find a job, you also helped counsel me on my job search and provided insight on what positions would best suit my education and experience. You were always responsive and consistently presented new opportunities. I have to say, you were probably the only recruiter that I ever worked with that was honest and did not "talk up" opportunities that were clearly not what I was looking for, I appreciated that. It was a pleasure working with you! I just wanted to reach out and let you know now, that you have truly helped me find my dream job.

    Accountant, Austin Software Company

  • Accountability Resources was able to deliver qualified candidates within hours of an opening occurring at ReachForce. We were able to fill our open position quickly with minimal disruption to our operations. Our new employee is a great fit for the company technically and culturally!

    VP of Finance, Austin Tech Company

  • I was hired on at local healthcare facility in October of 2007, my first job in the healthcare industry. It is a great place to work because of work/ life balance and growth within the company. I appreciate all the hard work that Accountability Resources has done on my behalf to match me with a great employer. In less than a year, this facility has promoted me based on my work ethic and ability to grasp the healthcare industry. So, I am very excited about staying with this company and recommending Accountability Resources to anyone I can. Accountability Resources works hard to match candidate with employer. Thanks.

    Senior Accountant, Local Healthcare Facility

  • I started working with Accountability Resources as I searched for a new career path and a permanent working environment (I was working as a contractor). The most important thing to me was to ensure Accountability Resources understood my needs and preferences when it came to the “perfect” position. I started working with Laurie Canepa who is amazing. She has a lot of experience and energy and really understands what makes a good match. She asked a lot of questions about my background and experience as well as what type of work environment I would thrive in and what motivates me within a position. These to me are very important as more than anything, I want to be sure it is a good fit on both sides and everyone gets what they expect. I had several interviews through Accountability Resources and all of them were perfect fits. Many of them continued into the final stages and although many times they were positions at companies I would have never selected for myself, they really did enhance my skills and fit into my profile of the type of company I would succeed within. I would highly recommend working with Accountability Resources and will definitely use them if I need a new job within the Austin market. Also, Laurie Canepa is excellent at understanding the employee’s goals and targets and matching them up well with pending jobs within the market.

    April, Controller, Austin Software Company

  • We have been doing business with Accountability Resources since August 2007 and have nothing but pleasant experiences. The candidates they have sent are well-qualified professionals. The entire team is wonderful to work with and always very helpful. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for good solid placements.

    Karen, Collections Manager, Financial Services Corp.

  • Accountability Resources made my job hunting quick and easy. To make this process as painless as possible, I decided to go with a recruiter to help me find the perfect job. Answering random job postings and submitting my resume a hundred times would have taken a long time, and worn me out. So, I met with Laurie Canepa right after I began looking for a job. In our meeting, we discussed the type of job I was looking for, the environment, location, benefits, salary and other things I wanted in my next job. She discussed potential employers who were looking for tax accountants and gave me a pretty good description with each one she named. Upon me leaving her office, Laurie submitted my resume to those employers that we discussed. The next day, she informed me of an interview with one of my firms of choice. She prepared me for the interview by giving me her insight as to what type of candidates they were looking for and responses to possible questions they might ask. I felt comfortable with Laurie’s advice because of her experience in my field and her knowledge of public accounting. The interview was scheduled the following day, and it went really well. This company was perfect for me, and they offered me a position that same day. The best part about this whole process is that Laurie did the “dirty work” for me. I didn’t have to worry about discussing salary during the interview, or being nervous about under-quoting or over-quoting my salary requirements. Also, before submitting my resume, Laurie was able to pick from her list the firms that she believed would be a good fit. There’s no way I could have done this on my own. To recap, within a span of two days, I met with Laurie, got an interview and accepted an offer by the firm. I am either really lucky, or they’re just that good! I would recommend anyone in my field to use this company to help with their job hunt. Thanks Accountability Resources!

    Nicole, Accountant, Public Tax Firm

  • Dear Accountability Resources, I really appreciate your help with our search, and will definitely pass along any referrals I have to you. I was very impressed by your candidates and the quick turnaround time with our request. Your level of service was well beyond that of other employment specialists. I will also be sure to contact you if we have any needs in the future. Thanks again for all your help Accountability Resources!

    Kristen, Controller, CPA Software Company

  • I can’t say enough positive things about my experience working the with the employment specialists at Accountability Resources. My contact provided me with many opportunities that matched my accounting background and interests so that I could compare choices and make an informed decision. She helped me to keep an open mind while evaluating opportunities and provided additional information about positions other than just what was written in the job description. This led me to consider positions that I otherwise would not have which, actually, ended up leading me to the position that I accepted. The best part of the experience with Accountability Resources was that through the entire process, she was a friend that I could talk to who was really concerned about me and my career goals.

    Julie, CPA Controller Financial Services Company

  • Throughout my career I have worked with dozens of employment specialists as both an employer and a candidate, and Carrie from Accountability Resources is by far the best in that she really listens and she cares about people. Rather than simply smothering an opportunity in resumes that match the letter of the job requirements, her approach is to know the people on both sides of the equation and match the spirit of the job and the organization as well. As someone who has been placed by her organization, I appreciated her getting to know me so that the opportunities presented to me were pre-qualified to ensure I was a match technically and culturally. This saved time and money for both parties and made what can often be a tough process enjoyable.

    Martin, CFO, CPA/MBA Technology Company

  • Prior to working with Accountability Resources, I had worked with several other professional recruiters on career searches with no success for several months and was getting frustrated with the process as I felt I was not being well represented. In scanning through some job postings on-line late one evening I found a listing that Accountability Resources had posted that caught my attention. I sent them an email expressing interest that night and heard back early the next morning where we discussed my interest, experience and aspirations and then a little about the position. I expressed that I was very interested in learning more about the position and they were able to set up an interview with the hiring company later that day. The interview went great and I had a second interview the next day and received an offer by the end of the week. During my entire whirlwind experience the recruiter from Accountability Resources was with me every step along the way, not pressuring me, but helping me think through my decision to make sure that this was the right opportunity for me and once it was she helped me negotiate my compensation package. I would highly recommend Accountability Resources for anyone looking for accounting or finance career opportunities.

    Sam, CPA, Manager, Big 4 Accounting Firm

  • Accountability resources truly wanted to understand the requirements of the position we were recruiting but also the unique aspects of the position. They sat down with us and asked questions. But most importantly, they followed up our discussions with actions. Finding the right fit was critical since we are a small shop. They not only found the right person but the right fit personality wise. Their fee structure is very competitive and the 30 day money back guarantee is unique in the industry.

    David Tamez, VP of Finance, Calloway Golf

  • Our experience with Accountability Resources has been a positive one. One of the problems we had when we first began recruiting for this position was a lack of response from various agencies. This was not the case with Accountability Resources. Communication between our parties was great and included many conversations and emails in trying to find the right fit for this position. We are pleased that we were able to find the right person and Accountability Resources’ assistance in this process was very beneficial. We look forward to working with Accountability Resources in the future.

    Joanna Skurka, Sr. Accountant